, Daddy Don't Love Momma Anymore Tabs, Chords, Lyrics

, Daddy Don't Love Momma Anymore Tabs, Chords

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- Daddy Don't Love Momma Anymore (Chords)

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Intro: G C D X2

1st verse:

G                    C           D
I took a walk in the park yesterday 

       G              C                  D
I just needed time to think and to get away

  G             C                   D
I sat down on a bench with a little boy

      G              C                   D
And i saw a tear run down his precious face

                     C                D           G
Chorus: And he said, daddy don't love momma anymore

      C                D           G
No my dad dont love my momma anymore

   C                                     D
he left once or twice before, he said he aint comin back

   Em     C               D           G
no more.  Daddy dont love momma anymore

2nd verse:

G                      C               D
Well I sat there and i talked to him a while. 

        G                      C                       D
and the words he told me ran a chill up and down my spine

           G                  C              D
he said he prayed to God each night, but his prayers were 

       G        G                  C                     D
never answered, then I realized my problems were very small


3rd verse:

     G              C                    D
So I ran home and i hugged my wife and kids

      G              C                   D
and i swore that i'd never leave them again

          G                  C             D
and their eyes lit up like a big ole chandelier

         G                   C             D
but them words just kept on ringing in my ear

Chorus:  X2

Go s**tty!!!!! 

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