, Standin' Knee Deep Tabs, Chords, Lyrics

, Standin' Knee Deep Tabs, Chords

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- Standin' Knee Deep (Chords)

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Standin' Knee Deep
Written & Recorded by Lacy J. Dalton

(No Capo)

Intro.:  6/8|(D) |(A) |(D) |(D)

There've been (D)times in my life when I've felt out of touch and half-(G)crazy
(A)Lost in a crowd with lovers and friends by my (D)side

There's a (D)numbness I've known, all alone in some shimmering (G)city
With (A)bright lights around me and nothing but shadows in-(D)-side

There've been (G)desperate times when my (Bm)heart was so dry that I (D)felt like my life was a (G)curse
I was (D)standin' knee deep in the (A)river and dyin' of (D)thirst

There are (D)months at a time when no reason nor rhyme can sus-(G)tain me
When (A)nothin' makes sense and everything turns upside-(D)down

There are (D)nights when I fight to keep dreamin' from driving me (G)crazy
And I (A)shut off my mind just to keep it from spinnin' a-(D)round

But it's (G)down in that quiet in that (Bm)stillness I find the sweet (D)water for which I've longed (G)searched
While (D)standin' knee deep in the (A)river and dyin' of (D)thirst (B)

So if (E)you're having times when you feel out of touch and half-(A)crazy
(B)Lost in a crowd with lovers and friends by your (E)side

If the (E)game's getting old and you're cold and exhausted and may-(A)be
You'd (B)just like to cop-out and crumble or lay down and (E)die

If you (A)come to a time when you (C#m)need to decide, friend, you (E)might want to ask yourself (A)first
Am I (E)standin' knee deep in the (B)river and dyin' of (E)thirst?

'Cause there's a (C#m)great river runs from the (A)heart of the sun through the (E)soul of the whole uni-(A)verse

And it's (C#m)down in that quiet, in that (A)stillness inside, there's a (E)well we don't seek 'til we (A)hurt

Yes, (C#m)down in that quiet, in that (A)stillness inside are sweet (E)waters to heal this whole (A)Earth ---
That is (E)standin' knee deep in the (B)river, (E)standin' knee deep in the (B)river
We're all (E)standin' knee deep in the (B)river and dyin' of (A)thirst

Outro.:  / / |(A) |(E) |(B) |(E) |(E) -----

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