Ryan Laird, She Was the One Tabs, Chords, Lyrics

Ryan Laird, She Was the One Tabs, Chords

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Ryan Laird - She Was the One (Chords)

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she was the one for me
straight out of all my dreams
man she meant everything to me
it's true but it's hard to say
I let her walk away
if she was here today I'd be
kissing the ground she walks on
singing some clumsy love song
and doing my best to right the wrong
that everybody else could
see, but me, why was I so
blind to see the obvious
the love I could of had, I just set
free, now that girl is gone
God what have I done
she was the one, she was the one
she was the only one for me

I hear she's happy now
got a new love new town
look at the life she found without me (yeah)
she's a one in a million
she's every mans dream and then some
now it's a little too late to want the one
that everybody else could
see... (etc)

CHORDS: (Capo 5th fret)

G, C, Em, D - Intro
G, C, Em, D
G, C, D, D - Verse (x2)
G, Am, Em, D,
G, C, Am, C,
G, Am, Em, D,
C, Am, C - Chorus

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