, Sweet Olive Tree Tabs, Chords, Lyrics

, Sweet Olive Tree Tabs, Chords

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- Sweet Olive Tree (Chords)

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Capo on 4th

C               F                   G
There's a story I've heard told
F                        G                       C                    Am
comes from the banks where the odd sailboat goes
           F                    G                    C                    F
Now I don't know if it's true but I'd say so
                    C                    G                    F                    C
Surely in it you will recognise somebody that you know

There was a gal in New Orleans
She could be sweet or my friend she could be mean
really with her there was very little in between
She kissed gentlemen's lips beneath the Sweet Olive trees

G                    C         G
They never knew their woman
C                    F                    G
She never knew her man
                    F                    G      C                    F                    G
I want to know my woman want her to know her man
                    F                    C                    Am                    G
Well if you know too many people your heart's bound to go bad

One dude she knew got sick with hurt
He overheard his babies filth and dirt
so he hid a 22 beneath his shirt
then went to pay her a visit at the place in which she worked

Well if you find someone you love a lot
I recommend you give it everything you got
Either way you'll be sitting pissing in a pot
But at least it will be with someone you love and you trust

Nobody  knows their woman
Nobody knows their man
I'd die to know my woman
kill for her to know her man
Just want to take it beyond the initial shaking of my own sweaty nervous hand
or else I might be bad 

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