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Jim Lauderdale, I Know Better Now Chords

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Jim Lauderdale - I Know Better Now (Chords)

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Jim Lauderdale   I Know Better Now  written by Jim Lauderdale

D                       F#m
Oh I must have left some stones unturned
   G        A       D
Or could be quite a few
D                      F#m         G            A
There's a lot I've overlooked and  never knew
             D                      F#m              
There's some things you learn while getting burned
G               A      D
Don't feel good at the time
D               F#m    Em   G
Playing by your set of rules
   D            F#m           Em7    A
Pretending that you'll never lose
D          F#m     Em7
But I know better now
D      F#m     Em7
I know better now
D       F#m     G         A      D    Em  D Em
It just took a while to figure out
D                           F#m
There's so much to take for granted
     G       A      D
When life is going well
                        F#m              G   A
And when the tides will turn no one can tell
    D                   F#m
Some wise men knew who played the blues
     G          A      D
That no one has hardly heard
D                F#m       Em   G                      
The high cost of fooling yourself
D         F#m            Em7   A
Not mentioning everyone else
D          F#m     Em7
But I know better now
D      F#m     Em7
I know better now
D       F#m     G         A      D      
It just took a while to figure out
C          D   C           A
Some mysteries hang on the breeze


          D              F#m
And we'll all go to some big hotel
      G      A          D
Where weary hearts can rest
            F#m     Em   G        D           F#m           Em7  A
Getting and giving more of the faith and the hope and the love
D          F#m     Em7
But I know better now
D      F#m     Em7
I know better now
D       F#m     G         A      D      
It just took a while to figure out

>From Jim Lauderdale 'The Hummingbirds'
Dualtone Records 2002
Laudersongs/Mighty Music Music(BMI)

Kenny Vaughn       guitar
Tony Harrell       piano/organ
Tony Rice          acoustic guitar
Billy Thomas       drums
Tony Garnier       bass 
Robbie Turner      steel guitar
Buddy Miller       background vocals

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