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Doyle Lawson and Quicksilver, Oak Valley Girl Chords

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Doyle Lawson and Quicksilver - Oak Valley Girl (Chords)

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                Oak Valley Girl
(Capo at the 3rd fret)
                 D                            A7                   D  
Thought I saw you but your not around
   Bm                         E7            A7
I must have been dreamin’ again
       G                             D                       F#                          Bm
I miss you sometimes, so much that my mind
            E7                                                     A7
Goes back to where our love began
          D                          A 7                             D  
I remenber the first time we met
                      Bm                          E7                             A7
You were wearin’ that white cotton dress
                 G                         D                              F#                             Bm
It was under that oak tree were your eyes smiled at me
G      D                            A7                D        D7
Oh Darlin’ I’ll never forget

D7                G       Bb                  A7                     D
Cause I still dream of you in my arms
                      G                         A7                          D        D7
Your the first love I had in this world
         G        Bb            A7                     D
And I’ll never know love again
D                   G                        A7                      D       D7
Like the love of my Oak Valley Girl

                D                                     A7                       D  
It ‘s the small things that come to my mind
               Bm                    E7                 A7
Like the flowers you picked in the spring
                           G                               D                    F#                          Bm
How you’d weave them together to wear on our fingers
                   E7                                                               A7
and said darlin’ this is our wedding rings
                      D                                A 7               D  
If I could turn back the pages of time
                   Bm                    E7                       A7
to where I left the valley that day
               G                             D                        F#                     Bm
This time I’d know better, I’d hold you forever
   G      D                    A7                D        D7
And never go driftin’ away

            G      Bb          A7                     D
And I’ll never know love again
D                  G                        A7                        Bm     D
Like the love of my Oak Valley Girl

[Thanks to Mike Goldsberry for tabs]

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