Shannon Lawson, Redneck Love Gone Bad Tabs, Chords, Lyrics

Shannon Lawson, Redneck Love Gone Bad Tabs, Chords

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Shannon Lawson - Redneck Love Gone Bad (Chords)

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This is my first attempt at submitting a song, so please be kind.  I know that 
it isn't exactly the same as the original, but it was close enough for me to 
have a lot of fun with it.  Hopefully you will enjoy it too.  I'd love for 
someone to submit another version that fits closer to the way it is on the CD.


Do this riff before each verse.  Or listen to the song and go from that.

E   A                E
She had trailer park charm
E  A                      E
He carved her name in his arm
A                    D        A        E 
Then he slept with a waitress from the bar
     E   A                   E
Then she took a chain to his car
              C                        Bb 
And broke the windows on the love they had, 
now it's redneck love gone bad

E  A                E   
He got all liquored up
E     A               E
Tried to hot-wire her truck
A                      D      A      E
The next thing he knew he was seeing stars
          E                A              E
While her daddy kicked him all around the yard
C                    Bb
Oh what a night they had, 
redneck love gone bad
A                     D           A
'round and 'round the blue lights go 
A                       D            A             E
everybody’s smokin’ and watchin’ the show but it’s over now
        A                     D       A
There's twenty three versions of this story 
A                      D          A   E
some say her love just drove that boy insane 
       A       E
But to me it’s plain
Redneck love gone bad

E    A                     E 
He’s going with her mother now
E                       A                       E
Every Friday night they see them cruise through town
A                 D   A   E
A few months back she ran away
E                   A     E
With a truck driver named Jose
      C                 Bb 
She's happy and he’s so glad 
for redneck love gone bad
A                     D       A
'round and 'round the stories go 
A                        D            A
everybody’s laughin’ and watchin’ the show 
E                   A             E
But Ooooooh that is unless you’ve had
Redneck love gone bad
E 	 = 	 022100
A 	 = 	 x02220
D 	 = 	 xx0232
C 	 = 	 x32010
Bb 	 = 	 x1333x 

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