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Johnny Lee, Last Chance For Me Chords

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Johnny Lee - Last Chance For Me (Chords)

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Save The Last Chance For Me
By:  Johnny Lee

Key of D

Intro:  D, Bm, Bm, G, Em, A

You can [D] dance every dance with somebody else
And[Bm] leave with whoever you like
[G]Fall for every guy with a sympathetic lie
And [Em] convince yourself that he's Mr. [A]Right

But when [D] all of your heroes have let you down
And [Bm]none of your loves has come through
When you're [G]busted and you've broken down to your
last token you [Em]think there's nothing left to [A]lose


All I'm askin' is... ([D]ooh baby save the last chance)
Save it [Bm]for me (could you maybe save the last chance)
Before you [G] give up on love [A] save the last chance for me

D, Bm, Bm, G, Em, A

Now [D] I know that love is a roll of the dice,
It's [Bm]only a draw of the cards
[G]Just a gambler's game, no two lovers play the same
And the [Em]odds are for a broken [A]heart

And [D]I can tell you've never held the right hand yet
And the [Bm]dealers say 'read em' and weep'
But if you [G]call me I'll see you, on that you can bet
[Em]I'll be the ace up your [A]sleeve

Chorus, Then D, C#m and go into Bridge


([Bm]Save the last chance) when you're almost out of love
(Don't you [A]give up on romance baby) don't you give up
([Bm]lay it on the line) just one more time
[G]Baby take a long shot, [A]you might hit the jackpot

Instrumental D, Bm, Bm, G, Em, A
Chorus (without "All I'm askin')
Repeat 2x and fade

Jason Wendtland

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