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Levi Lowrey, December 31, 11:59 Chords

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Levi Lowrey - December 31, 11:59 (Chords)

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                December 31, 11:59
Levi Lowrey

Capo on 5
D, D/F#, G x2

Verse  1
    D                         D/F#          G  B                A         G
It's Been a long year I sure am glad that it's over, Crosses to bear and bridges to cross
D               D/F# G            B              A                 G
Trouble she's been our companion, like a detour sign that makes sure we stay lost
Em                           F#
Now the grandstand is full and confetti's taken flight
G                                A
The countdown's started, it's only seconds to midnight

D            D/F# G  B                A             G
Throw your arms around me, looks like we're gonna make it through
D               D/F#        G           B               A                     G
Dance like your worries are fallen, far away to a place where they won't worry you
                     Em                        F#
Yeah, leave them all behind, way back there in time
         G   A
December 31, 11:59

Verse 2
       D                  D/F#               G      B                    A             
Now my pockets are empty, but the champagne's gold, look at you laughing after all 
that we've been through 
         D                 D/F#                  G           B                            
With the world removed, my shoulders are gettin' lighter, and your eyes shine a 
A                 G
brighter shade of blue

                      Em                           F#
We're cleaner than forgiveness, we're innocence reborn
                       G                             A
Stretch out your fingertips and feel the calm after the storm

Repeat Chorus

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