Laurie Lewis, The Maple's Lament Tabs, Chords, Lyrics

Laurie Lewis, The Maple's Lament Tabs, Chords

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Laurie Lewis - The Maple's Lament (Chords)

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(Laurie Lewis)
Earth and Sky Album
Banjo tuned Eb, Capo 4, Key Bb
Slow tempo

        Bb                   D                 Bb
When I was alive, the birds would nest upon my bough
All through long winter's night the storm would 'round us howl
        Bb                      D                       Bb
When the day would break, I'd reach my branches to the sun
                                         Eb         Bb      
I was a child of earth and sky and all the world was one.

But now that I am dead, the birds no longer nest in me,
And I no longer feel the sun and rain as when a tree,
Stretched so tight with wire strings, I have no room to grow,
I am but the slave who sings when master draws the bow.

But sometimes from mem'ry I can sing the birds in flight
And I can sing of sweet dark earth and endless starry nights
But oh, my favourite song of all, I truly do believe
Is the song the sunlight sang to me while dancing on my leaves. 

Lewis Laurie Tabs & Chords

Lewis Laurie Tabs, Tablatures, Chords, Lyrics

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