, Texas Twister Tabs, Chords, Lyrics

, Texas Twister Tabs, Chords

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- Texas Twister (Tabs)

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Texas Twister by Little Feat
-- Written by Fred Tackett, Martin Kibbee, Bill Payne, Paul Barrere 

Moderately Fast x = 128

      Gtr I



Verse Riff  constant throughout


D                                      NC
The siren song is strong sometimes... on this Texas radio 
D                                      NC
They sure do play it hard and fast while they sell it soft and low 
D                                      NC
A silky voice she spoke to me from down in San Antone 
D                                      NC         G   A    G  E
"It's ladies night in Italy, you gentlemen should know" 
When I saw that neon sign, knew just where to go 
A                                    E5 (5th fret) 
Her shoulders soft so I pulled off, her headlights aglow 
E (1st position)     NC
A bartender said to me, boy I want you to meet my sister 
NC    D                 B                         A                       
She's high-strung and a little young, but she's a real Texas twister 
A    G D     E     
A real Texas twister 

E            G     A    Asus     A        B  Bsus         
I said "How young is too young? How fast is too fast? 
B        D        E            D        E    
Well how high is too high? How high is too high?" 
E         G    A                 B       B        D        E          G - A
She said "How long is this ride?"        Well how long can you last? 
A            B                         A                     E   
You're gonna find out mister, when you meet that Texas twister 

Riff starts again 

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