, The Bonfire Song Tabs, Chords, Lyrics

, The Bonfire Song Tabs, Chords

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- The Bonfire Song (Chords)

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G7                                         C7
Driving to the bonfire, staying in tact
        G7                                                            C7
Her voice is in my conscience buddy keep your pact
  G7                                                              C7
I promised her I wouldn't hey and that's a fact
       G7                                          C7
My heart is giving into this dumb, foolish act

Leaving the bonfire getting home late
My eyes they start to shaking my mind sure aches
I sneak into the room and climb into bed
I hear her waking up thinking I'm sure dead

I said babe, if you can hear me my minds sure gone
I can pick up my guitar and write you a song
Can't keep my promise, forgive me if you can
I love you dearly, please forgive me, love your man

Sneak out late and make it to the farm
A beer a few a shot or two, could do no harm
Wake up dead and show my Texas charm
She's right behind me, knew she'd find me, bout' to break my arm

I know I messed up and I know I lost
I know I'm gonna pay and I know your cost
I know that your hurting and I know that I'm wrong
The best thing I can tell you is to, sing along

Babe I'm here to tell you I'll try my best
I love to drink but loving you is no contest
I drop my bear so I can hold your hand
I love you dearly, please forgive me, lover your man 

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