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- Fat Julie (Chords)

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G Cadd9 G D
The lines are in the creek
the beer is on the bank
I was napping by a shade tree
with a nice cool drink

a tidal wave woke me 
when she beached it on the shore
a whale of a woman
Julie Jerimore

Fat Julie
Fat Julie
Fat Julie Jerimore
She got more jiggle than the minnows in the old bait store
Fat Julie Jerimore

The current that day could have drowned a toad
yeah but old fat Julie she's a helluva load
scrapin the bottom in that poor john boat
and her wake was a-washin people out of their homes

Fat Julie
Fat Julie
Fat Julie Jerimore
Tried to harpoon her once, couldn't drag her to shore
Fat Julie Jerimore

Julie wants to swim so she strips off her tarps
belly-flops in, and scares all the carp
all the men on the lake know their libido is gone
when Julie hits the surface with her two-piece on

Fat Julie
Fat Julie
Fat Julie Jerimore
She'd probly take the bait if you had steak on the lure
Fat Julie Jerimore

Julie went on a cruise to the Panama Canal
and they'd never met such an oversized gal
tried to go through the locks, had to turn around
she put em over the limit by 2000 lbs

Fat Julie
Fat Julie
Fat Julie Jerimore
She got a fluffier center than a cotton candy store
Fat Julie Jerimore 

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