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Charlie Major, Drive You Out Of My Mind Chords

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Charlie Major - Drive You Out Of My Mind (Chords)

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                         CHARLIE MAJOR

Written by Charlie Major and Barry Brown
- 1993, Corner Club Publishing Inc. (SOCAN)
Transcribed from Charlie Major's CD, "The Other Side"
- 1993, Arista Records / BMG Music Canada Inc.

RIFF:  | A  E  | F#m C#m  | A  E  | F#m C#m  |E        |E
       | \  \  | \   \    | \  \  | \   \    |\-\/\/\/ |\-\/\/\/

INTRO: [Play riff twice - fairly fast pace]

Headlight beam cuts through the night
C#m                              E                D
Like the point of this knife you drove through my heart.
Your goodbye words ringing in my ears,
    C#m                                E           D
The ones I never thought I'd hear, are tearing me apart.

        F#m              E                 D - E      A
Now I'm racing down this highway trying to outrun the wind;
F#m                 E               D  -  E     A
Trying to make some sense of what I can't comprehend.
         F#m             E             D          D
And I'll keep on driving girl, 'till I run out of road,
     D            D            E         E
Or I fall off the edge of this world.

CHORUS:                  A                   A
               I'm gonna drive you out of my mind.
                         F#m                 F#m
               I'm gonna leave this memory behind.
      E                                   D       -       E
If it takes ten thousand miles, I'll keep driving day and night
                      D - E[stop]            [play riff once]
               Till I drive you out of my mind.

A lovers' moon is taunting me
With every mile I put between you and these broken dreams.
I slam my foot down to the floor
Trying hard to push for more, but still - your face I see.

I'm riding that thin red line out on the edge of control;
Trying to get a grasp on what I can't get a hold.
And I'll keep on driving girl, 'till I run out of road,
Or I fall off the edge of this world.

[CHORUS, then play RIFF twice]

     F#m             E             D          D
I'll keep on driving girl, 'till I run out of road,
     D            D            E         E
Or I fall off the edge of this world.        [into CHORUS]

OUTRO: |A E |F#m C#m |A E |F#m C#m |E    |E
                             Gonna drive you out of my mind.

[Repeat last line once, then repeat riff and fade]

Transcribed by Darragh Egan 
Please send any corrections directly to me.

I've tried to write out the riff as simply as possible, with \ representing
a downstrum, / representing an upstrum, and | representing the start of a
measure.  It's pretty close to what's on the CD.

In the verses and chorus, each letter usually represents two measures of
music unless the letters are connected by a hyphen.

The exception is for the verse starting with "Now I'm racing down..."
and the half-verse before the last chorus.  These are only one measure for
each letter unless connected by a hyphen.

*But remember, the tempo is very fast.

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