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Charlie Major, Im Feeling Lucky Tonight Chords

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Charlie Major - Im Feeling Lucky Tonight (Chords)

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                   I'm Feeling Lucky Tonight   Charlie Major

D            A           E            A
Tonight I'm walking ten feet off the ground
D      A           E        A
Aint nobody  gonna shut me down
            D             A        E          A
Ive got the moon and the stars and you in my sights
         D       A     E     A
yeah I'm feeling kinda lucky tonight ---X2
D              A           E               A
Fate dealt the cards and I played my best hand
D            A           E        A
I wagered it all on this one big chance
 D       A                      E     A
fortune smiled on me and I was easily fooled baby
      D     A       E     A
I'm feeling kind of lucky tonight, yeah ---X2
    D                       A
the deck is stacked and its all in our favor---------  1st repeat
E                          A
you be the sinner baby and I'll be your saviour
D                          A
we'll let love ride on one roll of the dice
I'm betting we make it to heaven tonight    AE  AE
D         A             E       A
Its in my blood running thru my viens
   D            A             E           A
Im loose on the track like an old freight train
          D         A          E       A
Ive got a ticket to ride up to paradise , baby
    D      A       E     A
Im feeling kind of lucky tonight, yeah ---x2 --  to 1st repeat
The cords seem to shift when I copy them via notepad, once you start to
play it (after you heard it)
its easy to catch on to.


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