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Houston Marchman, Fort Worth Chords

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Houston Marchman - Fort Worth (Chords)

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                Fort Worth 
By Houston Marchman

       D                G                A              G                 D  
Well I hit the light of Ft.Worth,, gonna ease on in and have myself a beer
      D                 G              A               G                  D  
Yeah, find me some dark corner bar and contemplate the end I know is near
D                     G                  A                   G    
Yeah, I was raised in Texas, man, by the gentile touch of my mammas hand
D         G                 A
Raised up strong to face my fears
      D            G                A             G 
Got a pistol on my front seat, got a shovel in my trunk
  D             G                   A           G
I don't want no trouble mister, I intend to get drunk
D                 G                A                  G
I can't say where love goes wrong, I don't know where I belong 

          A              G
But it’s a long way from here
      Em                   G                   Em              A
I got twenty bucks down in that old truck, be enough to get me clear
    Bm                 D              G            E7
I’m a-ripping out that rear view as I grab another gear
     G          A             D 
Hey, I'm a long way from here

         D                G             A                         G                   D  
Yeah she swore she was an angel but I believe that angel lost her key to Heaven’s gate
     D                     G                  A         G                    D  
Yeah she was always just a little early, hell me, I was always just a little late
      D                        G                 A                       G           D  
I got nothing but time and I’m gonna ride, gonna kiss that ground on the Mexico side


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