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Mark McGuinn, She Doesn't Dance Chords

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Mark McGuinn - She Doesn't Dance (Chords)

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                She Doesn’t Dance

A#                                Gm
She was in the middle of an empty dance floor
F                                    A#   F
Wrapped up in a tall dark stranger’s arms
Gm                                      Cm
They didn’t see me slipping through the shadows
Sit down at the end of the bar
        Gm              Cm               F            A#
She was kissin’ him all over the way she never kissed me
  Gm                   Cm
I knew it was her in a heartbeat
But I knew it couldn’t be…


            A#    Gm            Cm            F
She doesn’t dance and she hates dark smokey places
            A#            Gm              Cm              F
She doesn’t own any fancy high heel shoes or short sexy dresses
                  Gm                F
Her hair would be up the way that I love
A#                Gm      Cm                  F
Never so down and crazy, believe me I know my baby
And she doesn’t dance.

A#                           Gm
The bartender said, “Can you believe it,
F                          A#   F
Man some guys have all the luck
Gm                                 Cm
But in a cold old world so full of pain and heartache
It’s good to see somebody so in love”
Gm                  Cm          F              A#
They walked out together I just sat there all alone
          Gm              Cm
I thought God I hate that woman
But I love the one at home…

(repeat chorus)

F                              Gm
It’s a like a bad movie that’s lasted to long
     Cm                              F
It’s all about her, but it has to be wrong

(repeat chorus)


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