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Martin England, Still Tabs, Chords

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Martin England - Still (Chords)

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(capo on 4)
Intro: Em-C-G-G/F 2x
In the still, near silence
I fumble for my car keys like a child
Just my cooling engine
And a distant dogís bark filled the dark
A dim light overhead
Led me through the yard
I probably should have turned around
But Iíd come way too far
I was lost the moment that I found you
I was lost the moment that I found you
Through the cold glass I saw you
An old book in your lap
Your hair dull and yellowed
Your skin lined and cragged
But those green eyes that pulled me in
Deep into your fold
Sparkled like the night sky
Above me, clear and cold
I was lost the moment that I found you
I was lost the moment that I found you
Iíve reckoned all my frightful sins
A long time ago
And all the things that pulled me there
Pushed you to the road
1200 miles and there ainít a single thing
I could ever think or do or say
To somehow get me in
So I turned inside my own tracks
And stepped into my Ford
Just the sound of fleeting engines
And a knock left at the door
Sometimes I think the things that we donít like about ourselves
Are the things we see in others
Leaves us on the shelf

[Thanks to Martin England for tabs]

Martin England Tabs & Chords

Martin England Tabs, Tablatures, Chords, Lyrics

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