Matt Andersen, Broken Man Tabs, Chords, Lyrics

Matt Andersen, Broken Man Tabs, Chords

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Matt Andersen - Broken Man (Chords)

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Standard Tuning

Intro: C G Am F

You canít take the home from a homeless man
You canít take away his streets
You canít threaten a man, with nothing to lose
Or bruise him when heís beat

You canít take money from a poor man
Or scare a man with no fear
You canít shame a man with no pride
Or force a stone to tears

Am	         G		       F
What can you do to a broken man
Am   G	         F		          C
What can you do to a broken man

You canít cut a man whoís bleeding
You canít push a man whoís down
You canít starve a man whoís hungry
Or loose him when heís found

You canít break a man whoís broken
Or cheat a man who knows
Or kill a dream thatís dead
And curse it when it goes

What can you do to a broken man
What can you do to a broken man

You canít strip a man whoís naked
You canít defend a man whoís lied
You canít believe a man whoís lost
You canít envy a man thatís cried

You canít lift a man whoís risen
Or teach a man thats learned
You canít fight a man whoís won
Or heat a fire that burns

What can you do to a broken man
What can you do to a broken man

Matt Andersen Tabs & ChordsMatt Andersen Lyrics

Matt Andersen Tabs, Tablatures, Chords, Lyrics

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