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- Same Old Star (Chords)

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"Same Old Star", 

Their second single which only made the top 30, but a great song & killer 
melody. This is elementary, and a great beginning song to learn...enjoy

Intro: Em  C  D   G

          Em               G
On every clear night like this, 
   Em                  G
I search the sky and I wish
      Am                       Em
After all these years, you're still on my mind
C                         D
I can't help wonderin' sometimes...

           G    C    D
Does that same old star
     G       C         D
Still shine where you are?
        Em           C
Am I a memory? Do you wish for me
         D        G        D/F#
On that same old star?

We shared our dreams till the dawn
The feelings were so strong
We never had time to see our love grow
I've always wanted to know

Repeat Chorus

        Am         Em
Are you out there somewhere?
   C                    D
Do I cross your mind sometimes?

Repeat Chorus to outro, follow chords from chorus 

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