Charly Mcclain, Dancing Your Memory Away Tabs, Chords, Lyrics

Charly Mcclain, Dancing Your Memory Away Tabs, Chords

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Charly Mcclain - Dancing Your Memory Away (Chords)

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     D                         G
Itís Friday night you must be alone 
A                               D
Thatís the only time youíd ever phone 
    D                          G       Em
But if you drop by donít be surprised 
      A                          D 
Cause darling I wonít be there tonight 

                         G                    D
Iím dancing your memory away in the arms of a stranger 
             A                     D 
For now Iím okay, my hearts out of danger 
                  G                           D
Tonight while Iím waltzing as the band softly plays 
            A                                          D
Iím getting by one song at a time dancing your memory away 

Once, twice, tell me how many times 
Was I a fool for your lying eyes 
But I wonít be your fool anymore 
At least not while Iím out on the floor 

Chorus x2

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