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Charly Mcclain, Take Me Back Tabs, Chords

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Charly Mcclain - Take Me Back (Chords)

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Capo 3

                  D                        Em
Lord, I'm feelin' down, I've got no one to turn to
Boy, I need you 'round, these lonely nights are hard to get through
                    D                  Em
I'll get down on my knees, honey, if I have to
                         A                                D
I'll do what it takes to please, I'll do what it takes to hold you

D                Em
Take me, take me back
  A                           D 
I promise I won't hurt you anymore
D                Em
Take me, take me back
A                                 D 
Baby, we'll make it like it was before

Do you ever think of me when all the world is sleepin'
And you're lyin' there alone and your body needs some lovin'
But I'm tryin' to say I'm sorry, so try to understand
I'll give my love forever and you'll always be my man

Chorus x2

Mcclain Charly Tabs & ChordsMcclain Charly Lyrics

Mcclain Charly Tabs, Tablatures, Chords, Lyrics

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