Brian Mccomas, Back Up Again Tabs, Chords, Lyrics

Brian Mccomas, Back Up Again Tabs, Chords

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Brian Mccomas - Back Up Again (Chords)

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INTRO: G  C  G  C  (2x)

         G                          C
Well you might call me a gambler, I guess I always been
            G                                 C
'Cause I'll risk the chance of losin' just to have a chance to win
        G                                 C
And the odds were stacked against me when I ran into you
       G                            C
Turned out I lost a lot more than I knew I had to lose, yeah


You always wanted someone I knew I couldn't be
'Cause I learned long ago it's hard enough just bein' me
So now you're out there runnin', you moved on in your mind
Forgot about the pain you left behind

                 Em    D  C
It's been a long time
                           Em   D  C 
Yeah it's been a long long time
                      Em    D  C
You had me down for a while
Oh but I got back up again


I could tell you it was worth it but that'd just be a lie
'Cause you never gave enough of you to make it worth the try
Now everything you told me and all the plans we made
Are memories I've just tried to chase away



So I picked up the pieces out here on my own
I learned to hold my best 'til I know all the cards are shown
The clouds are finally clearin, I think I see the sun
And I'm hopin' most the hurtin's finally done, yeah


Yeah I got back up again
       C                    G       C
That's right, I got back up again
      G    C   
Yes I did

Mccomas Brian Tabs & ChordsMccomas Brian Lyrics

Mccomas Brian Tabs, Tablatures, Chords, Lyrics

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Mccomas Brian
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