Brian Mccomas, Come With Me Tabs, Chords, Lyrics

Brian Mccomas, Come With Me Tabs, Chords

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Brian Mccomas - Come With Me (Chords)

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Come With Me 
By Brian Mccomas

Capo 2

    D                           Bm
You say you want a lover with a sense of danger
G         A
Come with me
  D                          Bm
I got some Willie Nelson in my CD Changer
G         A
Come with me
G                         F#m  
If you think im tryin' to steal your heart
?                 G 
Baby give it some time
G                   F#m
It could be that we might found out
     Em                 A
It's you who's stealin' mine

          D              Bm
Come with me, let's hang out
Let's shout from some rooftops
And run through some raindrops
And make love and don't stop
Who knows where we'll end up
G               A         D
Who cares, just come with me

You say you want somebody just as wild to run with
Come with me
Someone that you know you're gonna feel one with
Come with me
Girl, you know I'm taken by your confidence
It's a beautiful sight
When I see what I want, I go right after it
And that's what I'm seeing tonight



Come on, baby
Oh baby come with me
Come with me, oh yeah
Oh baby, come with me
Oh baby, come with me
Come with me, come with me

Mccomas Brian Tabs & ChordsMccomas Brian Lyrics

Mccomas Brian Tabs, Tablatures, Chords, Lyrics

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