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Jason Mccoy, It Ain't Easy Being Me Tabs, Chords

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Jason Mccoy - It Ain't Easy Being Me (Chords)

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D/F#   - 200232 
C/B    - X20010

G                                  Em        D/F#  C
There ought to be a town somewhere named for how I feel
G                                            Em         D/F# C
Yeah I could be the mayor down there and say welcome to Sorryville
G                                         Em          D/F#   C
It wouldnít be on a map nowhere you might say that it donít exist
A                                  C               D
But if you make enough wrong turns itíd be hard to miss
G                                               Em  D/F#    C
There ought to be a bridge somewhere they could dedicate to me
G                                        Em     D/F# C
Iíd probably come to the ceremony with a can of gaso-line
G                                  Em        D/F#    C
Walk on over to the other side and there Iíd light a match
And sit and stare through the smoke and flames
          C                 D
Wondering how Iím gonna get back

C               C/B
Why do I do the things I do
      Am                   Em
Was I born this way am I a self made fool
C                        C/B
I shoot the lights and I curse the dark
  Am                   Em
I need your love but I break your heart
      C                      G
And I know the words thatíll bring you back
      Am                     Em
But I donít say nothing as I watch you pack
C                       G                 A
I had to work to be the jerk Iíve come to be
C        D          G   Em  D  C
It ainít easy being me

There ought to be a sideshow act for freaks like me
Yeah I could be the star of the show with my name on the marquee
In a room with a big red button that says danger do not touch
Twice a day Iíd mash it down and you could watch me self destruct


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Mccoy Jason Tabs, Tablatures, Chords, Lyrics

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