Jason Mccoy, She Ain't Missin' Me Tabs, Chords, Lyrics

Jason Mccoy, She Ain't Missin' Me Tabs, Chords

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Jason Mccoy - She Ain't Missin' Me (Chords)

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Am  F          C      G       Am   F  C     G
She don't wake up and call my name, -----anymore
Am  F          C     G         Am   F  C     G
She don't pick up on the first ring, -----anymore
      Am             F             C        G
I can hear it in her voice there's somebody else
      Am    F       C           G       Am   F  C     G
And I got nobody to blame but myself

Am  F    C      G      Am
She aint missin missin me
   F       C      G   Am
By now I'm just a memory
    F            C      G       F
Her hearts moved on and now its free
         Em             Am  F  C  G
She aint, missin missin me

He's lovin her in ways I won't, anymore
He's doing things that I don't, anymore
And I bet right now there’s a smile on her face
While she's kissin the one who’s taken my place


F           G               Am
Well I'll admit, that I was gone, oh yah
      F                                         G
But I can't help but wonder, it didn’t take her long, nooo


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Mccoy Jason Tabs, Tablatures, Chords, Lyrics

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