Neal Mccoy, I Was 2 Tabs, Chords, Lyrics

Neal Mccoy, I Was 2 Tabs, Chords

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Neal Mccoy - I Was 2 (Chords)

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"I was"
Neal McCoy
Album: The life of the party.
Transcribed by:

G                         C                        F                      C
I drove up from a river town, it was late September early October.

G                                  C                           F
Thought maybe I could clear my mind, and see the leaves turn red.

G                              C                               F
The tunes up and the window down, on the skyline drive when she flagged me

G                        C                                       F
"hallelujah what a beautiful morning" were the first words that she said.

D                    E               F                       G
Her eyes were blue as the sky on a perfect blue ridge day.

D                        E            F                 G
She said, I could use a lift, if your going my way..


G        A-E-A                       D                E
A-E            A                    D             E
And I was.......I was headed south, I was headed out, headed nowhere, or
anywhere, we wanted to go.

F#M    D                   E                  F#M               D
E            D
The road,   stretched out in front of us.     She was ready to run it just
like I was.

G                        C                               F
Told me she was twenty two, and she'd just been out of William and Mary.

G                                 C                          F
Another summer under daddy's roof, was all that she could do.

G                     C                              F
Her boyfriend, she cut him lose. Too cold for a wedding in January.

G                      C                                F     C
She said "that's enough about me, now tell about you"

 D             E            F                           G
I rambled on, about broken hearts and staying too long.

D                   E                          F                   G
She said "I'm sorry but you were right to move on"

{repeat chorus}

D                 E      F                               G
Aint it funny how, everything hinges on a twist of fate.

D                E                      F              G
she held my hand and said "aren't you amazed" .....

{repeat chorus}

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