Mark Mcguinn, Done It Right Tabs, Chords, Lyrics

Mark Mcguinn, Done It Right Tabs, Chords

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Mark Mcguinn - Done It Right (Chords)

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My first contribution!  It may need some  cleaning up during the Bridge at
the end.  But it sounds right  throughout.  Easy song and great lyrics.

Done It Right
by Mark McGuinn
from the CD Mark McGuinn
words and music by Mark McGuinn, Don Pfrimmer, and  Shane Decker
Translated by Jim Sowatzke

Capo 2
Intro: G - C - G - D
          G - C - D - G
G                         C
I'd quit a job in a New York minute
G                                 D
I'd burn a bridge for a dream
G                           C
I ran away and I'm glad I did it
G                                    D
I might have never found me
G                            C
I ain't afraid to fall flat on my face
G                             D
That's just a part of life
G                                     C
Think of the winners that did it all wrong
D                                G
What if they'd done it right

D              G                  C                G
What if Columbus gave in and gave up
       C             G                   D
And Rosa had moved to the back of that bus
                                G                   C                 G
And Martin stopped marching and Elvis drove trucks
C                     G        D                  G
What if they'd done it right, done it right

G - C - D - G
G                             C
I ain't afraid to lock horns with the devil
G                      D
I'll spit into the wind
G                                C
I ain't ashamed to say grace at my table
      G                                        D
The Lord ain't no fair weather friend
              G                        C
Don't believe you can get too much love
      G                                   D
But you can get too much advice
G                                           C
No man would have ever set foot on the moon
        D                                G
Hey, what if they'd done it right


C      D          G                C        F
John Lennon, Babe Ruth, James Dean
            Bb             G
Do you need more proof

End with Intro

Mcguinn Mark Tabs & Chords

Mcguinn Mark Tabs, Tablatures, Chords, Lyrics

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