Mark Mcguinn, Thats A Plan Tabs, Chords, Lyrics

Mark Mcguinn, Thats A Plan Tabs, Chords

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Mark Mcguinn - Thats A Plan (Chords)

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           THAT'S A PLAN    Mark McGuinn

Album: Mark McGuinn
Written by:
Note:  Am+g   002213   Am chord with added G  on 1st
       Am+gb  002212   Am chord with added Gb on 1st
       Am     002210   Am chord for comparison
       Dm6    000211   Half the F chord

Transcribed by:  Matt Peterson    Please visit my web

     THAT'S A PLAN    Mark McGuinn

C                                        Am
This small town ain't such a bad little place
      D          Dm                   F
It's home but I sure could use some space
C                                  Am
City limit signs are closing in on me
D                     Dm              F     G 
There's times I swear I can hardly breathe

(G)        Am           F
I'm going pack my bags say my goodbyes
C               G
Get a map and close my eyes
Am                       F            F              
Point my finger and let fate decide Where I'm gonna
            Am                  F            
I'm gonna hitch my wagon to a wandering star
   C                G
A guy like me can sure get far
         Am             F
With a little gas and credit card
C             F    C            F 
Now that's a plan Yea that's a plan
         C            Am+g
ENDING: Now that's a plan

C                               Am
These dirt roads all look the same
    D                  Dm             F
I wanna see the world from a faster lane
        C                                Am
And I know for a while I'm gonna be big news
               D                Dm       F     G    
But life will get back like it was real soon

go to chorus, to lead, to interlude

         Am+g             Am+gb                 Dm6
Well I'm sure that I will come back here once again
        Am+g           Am+gb         Dm6   G
When I finally settled down but til then

go to chorus using ending

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Mcguinn Mark Tabs & Chords

Mcguinn Mark Tabs, Tablatures, Chords, Lyrics

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