James McMurtry, Broken Bed Tabs, Chords, Lyrics

James McMurtry, Broken Bed Tabs, Chords

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James McMurtry - Broken Bed (Chords)

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2X - ( E  B  A  B )

 E                          B
  Where''d you go last night
 A        B
  I never heard you leaving
 E         B
  Woke up in such a fright
 A                       B
  When I could no longer feel you breathing
              E                        B
  And I could smell the rain, from the storm blowing in
        A                          B
  And I looked outside, where your car should have been
         E                           B
  Just a street light''s glare, on an empty street
            A                    B
  When that rain came down, in a twisted sheet

 A         B       A            B
  Drive on slowly,     drive on by
            A                B     A     B
  One red rose, in the candlelight

  Where''d you go last night, when the show was over
  When the band quit playing, when the bar was closing
  When the rain slacked off, and the wind died down
  And a siren wailed, somewhere across town
  Nothing to be done, nothing to be said
  Just had to lay back down, on this broken bed

Repeat Chorus

 A                   B
  You could call me later
 A                       B
  Walk me through this one more time
 A                       B               A         B
  I guess you got your needs and I got mine

Break - 2X - ( E  B  A  B )
Repeat Chorus Twice
2X - ( E  B  A  B )       E

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