James McMurtry, Gulf Road Tabs, Chords, Lyrics

James McMurtry, Gulf Road Tabs, Chords

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James McMurtry - Gulf Road (Chords)

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                                E                                             Cm
  Not a hot cup of coffee, nor a cold glass of tea
       A                             E
  Ever crossed your lips, in my company
E                                           Cm
  Straight bourbon whiskey, was all we''d abide
                      A                              E
  So let''s don''t hold back, now we''ve got nothing to hide

  So much we savored yet so much we missed
  You know I never meant you to see me like this
  Just a faint distant flicker, from the last of the storm
  You know a taste of that liquor, could do me no harm

             Cm     A          E
  Light me a candle, light me a fire
                  B                A      E
  Come sit by the window, with the shades drawn
                  Cm                A          E
  To the best of intentions, and the worst of desires
                     B                 A    E
  We''ll leave by the Gulf Road, in the gray dawn

  Take a short handled shovel, take a long handled hoe
  Cover my bones when the west wind blows
  Smooth it off even, pack it down hard
  I''ll no more be here, but I''ll never be far
  I''ll no more be here, but I''ll never be far

Repeat Chorus

  Leave by the Gulf Road, in the gray dawn

McMurtry James Tabs & ChordsMcMurtry James Lyrics

McMurtry James Tabs, Tablatures, Chords, Lyrics

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