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Jo Dee Messina, My Give A Damn's Busted Chords

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Jo Dee Messina - My Give A Damn's Busted (Chords)

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                Intro:  G C Db F G 
Well you filled up my head, with so many lies 
And twisted my heart till somethin', snapped inside 
    C                        D 
I'd like to give it one more try 
But my give a damn's busted. 
You can crawl back home, say you were wrong 
Stand out in the yard, cry all night long 
Go ahead and water the lawn  
My give a damn's busted 
D A E I really wanna care D A E I wanna feel somethin' D A D Let me dig a little deeper E Nope, sorry, nothin'

You can say you got issues, you can say you're a victim 
It's all your parents' fault, after all you didn't pick 'em 
Maybe somebody else's got time to listen 
My give a damn's busted 
Well your therapist says it was all a mistake 
A product of the Prozac and your codependent ways 
So who's your enabler these days 
My give a Damn's busted 
Chorus 2: 
I really wanna care 
I wanna feel somethin' 
Let me dig a little deeper 
No, still nothin 
It's a desperate situation, no tellin' what you'll do 
If I don't forgive ya, you say your life is through 
C'mon, give me somethin' I can use 
My give a damn's busted 
Chorus 3: 
I really wanna care 
I wanna feel somethin' 
Let me dig a little deeper 
No, man, sorry.just nothin' -  
Nope - you've really done it this time 

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