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- I Feel Like Drinkin' Today (Chords)

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I Feel Like Drinkin' Today
Mike Graham

G             C      G
i feel like drinkin today 
         D            C            G
got my window rolled down all the way
               C                G
and Iím gonna head out to the liquor store
        D                C
buy all I can drink the maybe some more
       G             D       G
cause I feel like drinkin today

G          C           G
my boss is out playin golf
        D                 C                 G
and my bass boatís still broke down in the shop
       C            G
so me I ainít got nothin to do 
    D               C
but sit around and think about you 
    G                 D        G
and Iím thinkin about drinkin today


iím gonna take my rod and reel down to the lake 
and pitch my brand new lure up on the other bank.
it might sound kinda funny I guess
but I donít feel like catchin no fish 
i just feel like drinkin today.

itís hot, itís damn near a hundred degrees
but boys Iíll be lucky if I donít freeze.
yeah, Iíll stay pretty cool back here 
in a truck bed full of ice cold beer 
and Iím thinkin bout drinkin it all today!


yeah, I feel like drinkin todayÖ

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