Dub Miller, 21st Century Cowboy Tabs, Chords, Lyrics

Dub Miller, 21st Century Cowboy Tabs, Chords

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Dub Miller - 21st Century Cowboy (Chords)

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21st Century Cowboy
Dub Miller
A                                 D
He wakes up every morning, long before the sun comes up
       A                                            B7              E7
And he puts his coffee on the cluttered dash of his mid size pickup truck
          A                            D 
The south open pens at daylight, hired cowboys are on the way
          E                                                          A
Well they may not look like Lonesome Dove but gets the job done the same

           D             E    A
And hes a cowboy in the 21st century
         D                 E               A 
And hes learned to do his job a different way
            D                         E              A           A/G#       F#m
When he was younger he would ride the broncs, now he sits in his pickup and honks
         D                      E             A
Cause he knows the cows will be coming either way

Hes known a few good horses and some dogs along the way
Now hes got a brand new four wheeled pet and Suzuki is its name
You dont have to saddle or shoe it or feed it any hay
You just put a gallon of gas in the girl, shell ride good everyday

He pays it all in taxes, what his calves bring a sale
And all his cowboys wives live in Mexico and they keep in touch by mail
As for him his familys home now and he knows thats all he needs
But sometimes he feels like hes stuck inside a cartoon of Ace Reid

Hes switched from boots to Nikes, cause theyre easier on his feet
And has a lot less beer these days but hes still eats too many sweets
And the cattle markets down but the hunters still come so I guess hed doing well
It aint easy getting by as a rancher these days, hey old man give em hell


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Miller Dub Tabs, Tablatures, Chords, Lyrics

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