Shane Minor, Ordinary Love 2 Tabs, Chords, Lyrics

Shane Minor, Ordinary Love 2 Tabs, Chords

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Shane Minor - Ordinary Love 2 (Chords)

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Shane Minor
Ordinary Love
CD: Shane Minor
Track 1
Written by Bob Dipiero/Dan Truamn/Craig Wiseman
Transcribed by Jason Herndon

 CAPO  1 
A   A/G#   F#m7  A/E   D  A/C#   D

G    C       D            G/D     D              G          C         D

G                   C                   D                       G/D    D    
Well its the simple things, a look, a laugh, a clover ring
       G                  C                                D        G/D       
And all those little scenes dreams are made of
G        C            D                                             G/D  
And its evident where my hopes and prayers are spent
D     G                          D                  Bm    A/C#    D     E 
Well there she came and there I went.                             Oh....

A                  C#7           F#m                    A/E
So amazing, mystifying, baby,  theres just no denying
D     A/C#                B7sus   B7    Esus    E
And everytime we touch
A                 C#7                      F#m                         Em7    
Heavenly its so divine, but , you know what just blows my mind?
          A/E            F#m 
Its the miracle of us
              A/E        D                 E         A   A/G#   F#m7  A/E   D 
 A/C#   D
Just an ordinary love, Just an ordinary love

Just another day, a kiss goodbye and I'm on my way
Rushing through the maze right back to your arms
And its typical, just a boy , just a girl
Down our street and around the world

Chorus twice  (for instrumental break play verse part)

D            E         A   A/G#    F#m7   A/E   D    A/C#   D  A/C#  D   E   A
Just an ordinary love

Ok guys any questions just email

lets  get more Aaron Tippin, Lonestar, and  Mark WIlls songs up and keep 
Cowpie going strong in 2000

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