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Monte Montgomery, Lie To Me Chords

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Monte Montgomery - Lie To Me (Chords)

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                "Lie to Me"
Artist : Monte Montgomery
Originally : Hall and Oates

Note: Monte tunes his guitar a half step down on most of his songs, including this one. this is my first 
tab so I hope its close.

Intro: A  E  F# (x2)

   B 	  	  	 E
My heart beats slow. My head hangs low. 
    A 	  	 E 	       F#
I'm driving all night just to make sure you know. 
B 	  	      	        E
Crossing the line, I leave the US behind. 
A 	       E 	  	    F#
Daylight will come soon. I hope I'm in time. 
B 	  	      E
To hold you fast. To make the moment last. 
      A 	  	    E  	      F#
We'll start it all over, and forget the past. 

A E    B
Lie to me. 
 	 A 	  	 E 	    B
Tell me everything you do is for a reason. 
E 	  	     F#
Tell me that you're teasing. 
E 	  	    F#
It's not me you're pleasing. 
E 	  	  	 F# 	   A  E  F#  A  E  F#
And it feels like open season on me.

  B 	  	  	  E 
I find your hotel in the cleanest part of hell. 
  A 	  E 	  	 F#
I ponder existence in a Mexican jail. 
      B 	  	  	        E
But I show some restraint, the compassion of a saint.
     A 	        E          F#
This whole situation's my only complaint. 
      B 	  	  	  	       E
So, I pace the lobby floor, watch the elevator door. 
    A          E        F#
And wait as it opens to find what's in store. 

Chorus (x2)


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  1. Monte Montgomery - Lie To Me Chords
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