Gurf Morlix, She's A River Tabs, Chords, Lyrics

Gurf Morlix, She's A River Tabs, Chords

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Gurf Morlix - She's A River (Chords)

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Capo 3

intro [C]
        [Am]           [C]
Like a bird on the wing
         [Am]                    [G]
Like a melody you can't quite sing
        [F]          [Am]
Like a cloud going by
[C]                      [G]            [C]
She's a whisper she's a tear in my eye

               [Am]                  [C]
Like a drop of dew in the morning sun
         [Am]                 [G]
Like a rumour she's on the run
        [F]                    [Am]
Like a leaf dropping from a tree
 [C]                [G]             [C]        
She ain't fallin' she's flying free

[C]         [Am]  [F]                  [C]
She's a river and she's already gone
[C]        [Em]                        [F]
She's a river she's headed further on
[C]                 [Em] [F]
Water seeks its level running to the sea
[C]                 [G]                   [C]
She's a river she's flowing away from me

Like a dream you can't recall
You're not sure who was there at all
It seems so clear now its fading fast
You watch the future become the past


Like a song floating in the sky
You gotta try to grab it as it passes by
If you don't catch it its lost in the wind
That one ain't coming round again


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Morlix Gurf Tabs, Tablatures, Chords, Lyrics

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