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Gary Morris, Plain Brown Wrapper Chords

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Gary Morris - Plain Brown Wrapper (Chords)

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Plain Brown Wrapper
By:  Gary Morris

Key of C

Intro:  |-7-5-3-2-3-2---

Cadd9                    G
Lose the jewels, there's diamonds in your eyes
Cadd9               G
Lose the look, your painted-on disguise
Cadd9                Am7               G
Lose the dress, that hides the fairest prize
Cadd9               G
Lose the time, this time belongs to me
Cadd9               G
Lose your mind, and let the moments be
Cadd9                 Am7          G
Lose your all, you're all I'll ever need

                 Am                                 Em7
On the outside a plain brown wrapper, on the inside solid gold
                Am                            Em7          Bm   Em7
But the insides all that matters and the outsides just for show

Instrum:G, Cadd9, G, A thing (X02202), Am  B|-0-1-3-5-5-7-8-10-12

Cadd9               G
Soon the years will surely fade away
Cadd9              G
Soon the time with lines and shades of gray
Cadd9                Am7          G
Soon the dreams will all be yesterdays
Cadd9                  G
If all that's left is what we're feeling now
Cadd9                   G
All that's changed won't matter anyhow
Cadd9            Am7                G
Rearranged, it's still the same somehow... when the outsides...

   C                G
So lose the jewels (Plain Brown Wrapper)
                         Cadd9  G
There's diamonds in your eyes (Plain Brown Wrapper)
                      Cadd9  G
it hides the fairest prize (Plain Brown Wrapper)
   Cadd9                         G                           Cadd9
rearranged, it's still the same (Plain Brown Wrapper) all the years
  G                                 Cadd9
(Plain Brown Wrapper) on the insides solid gold
On the outsides (Plain Brown Wrapper) just for show  (fade)


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