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Moon Mullican, Sweeter Than The Flowers Chords

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Moon Mullican - Sweeter Than The Flowers (Chords)

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Recorded by Moon Mullican
Written by Morry Burns, Lois Mann and Ervin T. Rouse

[D] Just as far as I can remember
She'll [A7] remain the rose of my [D] heart
Mom took sick along in December
Feb-[A7] ruary brought us broken [D] hearts.

[D] The reason we've not called a family reunion
We [A7] knew - she wouldn't be there
But since we've thought it all over, Mama
We [A7] know that your spirit is [D] there.

[G] Oh, no, I can't forget the hours
You're the [D] onliest one Mom and [G] sweeter than the [D] flowers
[G] Oh, no, there's no need to bother
To [D] speak of you now would [G] only hurt Father. ... ... [D]

Well, it looked so good to see us together
But I had to look after Dad
Oh, no, Mama, when I passed by your coffin
I didn't want to remember you dead.

They all gathered 'round, I stared at their faces
All heads were bowed mighty low
But that was one time we all had to face it
Though it hurt us so bad, you know.


TAG: [D] Oh, no, Mama, we'll never forget you
And [A7] someday we'll meet you up [D] there.

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