, Little Whitewashed Chimney Tabs, Chords, Lyrics

, Little Whitewashed Chimney Tabs, Chords

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- Little Whitewashed Chimney (Chords)

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Little Whitewashed Chimney

(G) Where the Mississippiís (G7) Flowing on itís (C) sunny sorthern shore

And the (D) Steamboat comes a puffing round the bend (G)  (D)

Thereís a (G) little old log (G7) cabin with a (C) grapevine oíre the door

And a little (D) whitewashed chimney at the (G) end (D)

(G) Oh, I went away up (G7) North when they (C) told me I would find

Money (D)  hanging round like  apples on the trees (G) (D)

But (G) like my sweetheart (G7) told me there was (C) nothing of the kind

And the (D) weather was so cold I thought Iíd  (G) freeze (D)

Iím (G) going back, yes (G7) going back to the (C) place I love so well (G)

To the folks whoíll want me all their own  (D) again (D7)

To the (G) little old log cabin (G7) with the (C) grapevine oíre the door

And a (D) little whitewashed chimney at the end.  (G) (D)

(G) I can see that smoke (G7) arising from that (C) little chimney top

As it (D) welcomes me and meets me on the breeze (G) (D)

(G) Then Iíll start a (G7) running and I (C)  know Iíll never stop

Til Iíve (D) landed in that cabin on my knees (G) (D)

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