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Neal McCoy, Tails I Lose Tabs, Chords

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Neal McCoy - Tails I Lose (Chords)

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Neal McCoy
(Neal McCoy and Eric Silver)
 Pickanbo Music / ICG Alliance Music.
12:23 AM 9/23/2005


(A) She says her mind is (F#m) made up.
(A) She's fought the feeling's (F#m) long enough.
(D) She can't find (C) love or her(G)self in her (A) heart.
(A) Says: "We got together (F#m) way too young."
An' (A) then there's me here (F#m) still in love,
(D) Watchin' the ties that (C) bind us (G) fallin' a(A)part. 

  First she (D) asks for freedom an' she (D/C#) says that she's leavin'.
  I say (Bm) no 'cause I need her, then (A) down comes the hammer.
  When (D) I can't take her, I say (D/C#) I'll sign the papers.
  She (Bm) cries an' she won't take (A) "Yes" for an answer:
  (C) How am I supposed to (D) choose,
  When it's (C) heads she wins, (D) tails I (A) lose. 

She bought some (A) little dresses an' got a (F#m) big tattoo.
(A) Says I don't understand what (F#m) she's goin' through:
(D) Maybe middle-age (C) crazy or (G) just tired of (A) us.
(A) An' maybe I'm foolish (F#m) tryin' to make it work,
(A) But I made this promise: "For (F#m) better or worse",
(D) An' I'd do anything to make her (C) happy, if I (G) just knew what it (A) was. 

Repeat Chorus 

    I've (E) worked so hard,
    Tried so long -
    It's like (D) everything I do is (NC) wrong
Repeat Chorus

  (C) How am I supposed to (D) choose,
  When it's (C) heads she wins, (D) tails I (A) lose.  

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Neal McCoy Tabs, Tablatures, Chords, Lyrics

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