Neal McCoy, Wink Tabs, Chords, Lyrics

Neal McCoy, Wink Tabs, Chords

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Neal McCoy - Wink (Chords)

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Capo 2 

Key of E

Intro:  E  A  E  B  E  A  E  B

E				     A
I woke up this morning, my head felt dense
  E				   B
I splashed it with water trying to make it make sense
  E						   A
I stumbled to the kitchen, she was standing at the sink
E			   B
All she had to do was just give me that wink

E		     A
And slam bam I'm feelin' alright
E			    B
Trouble takes a hike in the blink of an eye
      E				     A
Don't need to psychoanalyze or have a stiff drink
E			   B			E  A  E  B  E
All she's gotta do is just give me that wink.

E				         A
Well it's her way of saying, she's on my side
   E			 B
An unspoken message that works every time
	E				 A
When my brain starts smokin' and I can't even think
E			   B
All she's gotta do is just give me that wink.
Instrumental (E  A  E  B  E  A  E  B )

	E		        	A
In this complicated world, it may sound absurd
     E				  B
But simple little things are the miracle cures
E				 A
Pushed to the limit or standing at the brink,
E			   B
All she's gotta do is just give me that wink.
E			   B		     E (Strum Once)
All she's gotta do is just give me that wink.

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Neal McCoy Tabs, Tablatures, Chords, Lyrics

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