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Old 97s, Adelaide Chords

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Old 97s - Adelaide (Chords)

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                Played Capoed In The Third Fret
The Chords are: G D Em C Am C (stroked twice) G

G             D
Heaven i need drug
Em                                  C
Her eyes are all but fixed upon her coffee cup
Am                                        C
And looking down she tells you things are looking up
C (hit it 2x then back to G)  (Replay the verses exactly the same)
Take another slug

Heaven I had a dream
But now my lifes a nightmare of efficiency
She rattles off the things she never got for free
Gearing up to scream

D      Em  C
I remember when
G             D               Em      C 
I had you and you had so much promise then
G                  D                 Em    C 
You promised me that you would never leave again
Am                    C    Cx2 (Replay the chours exactly the same) 
To be broken you were made Adelaide

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