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- Love And Wealth (Chords)

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Love and Wealth
Osborne Brothers
Detroit to Wheeling Album
November 12, 2008

Banjo tuned E, Key D, Capo 1

Love and Wealth

     D              G                        D
Darling I'm all alone, in our little mountain home
It's empty cold and loveless now inside
     D                      G                        D
For your childish love and vows, lasted only one short year
                    A              D
Then you went away to be another's bride

              G              D
    You will never know the pain
             G               G
    That I left the day you left
      D       G           D
    Should you ever love again
       D              A     D   
    Let me wish you love and wealth

                                         G                  D
While the same old whippoorwill breaks the silence on the hill
I stand and gaze upon the faded wall
     D                      G                      D
Where your picture used to hang in a little golden frame
                      A              D
And a vision of your smile I still recall

  * Refrain

                             G                              D
Though they say we live and learn from our sorrows we must turn
And be able to forget sad memories
      D                    G                               D
Let me wish you love and wealth may you take good care of yourself
                A                D
But my broken heart will last eternally

  * Refrain


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Osborne Brothers Tabs, Tablatures, Chords, Lyrics

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