, Take Me Back To Renfro Valley Tabs, Chords, Lyrics

, Take Me Back To Renfro Valley Tabs, Chords

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- Take Me Back To Renfro Valley (Chords)

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Take Me Back to Renfro Valley
The Osborne Brothers
The Essential Bluegrass Album
Banjo tuned E, Capo 3, Key E


(E) I was born in Renfro Valley
But I drifted far a- (B7) way
(E) I came back to see the old home
(B7) And my friends of other (E) days (E7)
(A) Gone are old familiar (E) faces
All my friends I used to (B7) know
(E) Things have changed in Renfro (A) Valley
 Since the (B7) days of long a- (E) go

(E) Others own the old plantation
I can't call it home no (B7) more
(E) Other sing the old songs 
(B7) Other children 'round the (E) door (E7)
(A) Other voices sing the (E) old songs
When the evening sun is (B7) low
(E) Mother sang in Renfro Valley
(B7) In the days of long a-(E) go

(E) Take me back to Renfro Valley
When I'm free from earthly (B7) cares
(E) Lay me down by Dad and Mother
(B7) Let me sleep forever (E) there (E7)
(A) When it's springtime in the (E) mountains
And the dogwood blossom (B7) blows
(E) We'll be back in Renfro Valley
(B7) As in days of long a-(E) go

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