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Jimmie Osborne, Blue Days And Lonely Nights Chords

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Jimmie Osborne - Blue Days And Lonely Nights (Chords)

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                Capo 3rd fret

Intro: (G7)// // // // (C)// // //

(C7) Blue (F) days, and lonely (C) nights
My heart keeps (G) cryin', (G7) just for (C) you (C7)
Blue (F) days, and lonely (C) nights
*I wonder (G) if (G7) you have them (C) too

Instrumental break: Follow pattern of last line of Chorus*

(C) The days are blue, since (F) you have (C) gone
The nights are (G) long, (G7) and lonely (C) too
You've left me here, I (F) don't know (C) why
For you know (G) I, (G7) love only (C) you (C7)

Repeat Chorus

Instrumental break: Same as previous*

(C) I can't go on, (F) all my (C) life
Dreaming of (G) you, (G7) all the (C) time
I've tried so hard, but (F) it's no (C) use
I can't (G) get, (G7)  you off my (C) mind (C7)

Repeat Chorus

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