The Outlaws, Girl In Ohio Tabs, Chords, Lyrics

The Outlaws, Girl In Ohio Tabs, Chords

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The Outlaws - Girl In Ohio (Chords)

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Girl From Ohio
By The Outlaws

Capo 2

     G            D              Am                C 
It's winter in my consciousness, dew has turned to frost
G              D               C                 G
Some will win, some will lose, some have won and lost
        G               D             Am          C
You can feel the time between us now, pullin' us apart
G                 D              C                   G   
If I could get in touch somehow, we can make another start

       Am                              D 
And in Ohio, there's one place I would go
            Am                       D
Back to the arms of a girl I used to know
         G              G7           C            G 
We'll be ridin' back in style, gonna be there in awhile
G                      D          C
Back in the heart of a girl in Ohio

Walking the sunshine of the day, slowly turns to night
Whisperin' winds come what may, birds in homeward flight
Just one way, that you can go and the sunset is set free
Softly through the shadows to the place I wanna be


I know you know me better than to say I lost my pride
When the things that you can see in me things that I can't hide
One day ride through the night, it's all it usually takes
See me clear of yesterday most of my mistakes



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  1. Outlaws, The - Girl In Ohio Chords
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