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Perfect Stranger, The Hits Tabs, Chords

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Perfect Stranger - The Hits (Chords)

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Date: 7 Sept 01
Song: The Hits
Artist: Perfect Stranger
Transposed by: Eddie Garcia (

The Hits

G                                  C                 Am
I never listened to hurtiní songs, but Iím listeniní now
D                                             G
Since youíve been gone sad songs are all they play
                                   C                  Am
The sunís going down on music town and whatís killing me
        D                 C              D       G
Is everywhere I turn itís another number one for meÖ

G                              C
Chiseled in stone, help me hold on
       D             G
It was almost like a song
Born to lose, am I blue
     D           G
Iíll always love you
                  Am C
Since youíve been gone
                      D                G
The hits just keep on cominí all night long

G                                         C          Am
I could be in some bar or alone in my car doiní just fine
Till the DJ comes on and plays a song
That sends shivers up and down my spine
                                             C                    Am
Then out of the blue I start thinkiní of you and the good love we had
        D                               C         D        G
Tell me how come every song that I hear has to be slow and sadÖ

(repeat chorus)
G                                C
Just you and I, donít close your eyes
       D                G
Iím so lonesome I could cry
One long day, life turned her that way
           D            G
He stopped loviní her today
                  Am C
Since youíve been gone
                   D                G
The hits just keep cominí all night long

Eddie Garcia

**Keepin' it Country**

Perfect Stranger Tabs & Chords

Perfect Stranger Tabs, Tablatures, Chords, Lyrics

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