, As Big A Star (live) Tabs, Chords, Lyrics

, As Big A Star (live) Tabs, Chords

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- As Big A Star (live) (Chords)

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As Big a Star
By Peter Dawson

Capo 2

D                                D7
I used to lie in bed at night, I tossed and turned to think
      G                                Gm
About singiní on that big stage, I was just on the brink
            D                     A
Of fame and fortune, driviní me a fancy car
              D                                   D7
But I'm still driviní that old pick up, I'm still singiní in them bars
        G                       Gm          
I donít have a million dollars, just this old guitar
        D                                         A
and the songs I sing But I pour my heart out in a melody

         G                   A              D
It donít break my heart that I'm not on the Opry
   G             A                  D
As long as I can touch folks when I sing
G              A       Bm              E7       
Dalhart to Del Rio and all points in between
        G             A            D
Itís as big a star as I ever wanna be

Well itís two in the morning and everybodyís gone
I count the money from that tip jar, itís just enough to get me home
And fill my coffee cup, oh lord this is the life I love


Dalhart to Del Rio
And all points in between
Itís as big a star
As I ever wanna be

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