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, Do You Don't Or Do You Do Tabs, Chords

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- Do You Don't Or Do You Do (Chords)

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Do You Donít or Do You Do
By Peter Dawson Band

         E                                 A
Iíve got something on my mind that I canít get off
E                                  B  
Day and night I'm wonderiní if you love me or not
            E                         A  
Because the way youíve been actiní to say the least is strange
F#                                B
One way or the other I wish youíd come right out and say

E                      E7                      A
Do you donít or do you do, Honey lay it on the line
               E                                 B7
Because youíre driving me crazy one thought at a time
     E                            A
Just thinkiní that you donít care doesnít make it true
   A                E              B               E
So put me out of my misery, do you donít or do you do

I hope that I'm mistaken but Iíve got to know
Before this day is over please tell me yes or no
Have your feelings for me changed, if so donít hold it back
Honey, I'm a big boy, tell me the truth, donít cut no slack



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